Terms and Conditions and Ways of Working

No, we don’t. Sorry.

Terms and Conditions are as follows:

  • 50% Reservation fee is required upon signing of contract (from date/schedule blocking) and if the event date falls Peak Months- Oct- March of the year. Another 25% will be paid on or before the scheduled prenup/predebut (whenever it’s applicable). 25% or any remaining balance shall be paid on or before the day of the event.
  • Strictly no refund of down payment for cancelled event. Cancellation 1 month prior to event date requires 100% payment of contract rate. 2 months prior-75%. 3 months and above 50%. Rebooking Fee- 5k. Rebooking is allowed if done 2 months and above prior to the original event date. If it is less than 2 months, a new contract is required and 100% of the original contract price should be paid.
  • All service in the nature of makeup is limited to all features of the face.
  • Out of Pocket Expenses such as transportation, accommodation, parking fees, representation and others not related to the engagement of the service shall be for the clients’ account unless agreed upon by the parties. The expenses listed above shall only be inclusive of the engagement fee prior to the agreement.

Downpayment of 5K is required to block the date. 50% Down Payment is required for peak season – October-March. Kindly complete the remainder of 50% of the package 1 year before the wedding date or when the prenup date is being scheduled (if applicable) – whichever comes first. Remaining balance of 50% shall be paid on or before the wedding date.

Our payment options are cash, personal check or manager’s check only. No credit card payment option is offered.


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Cherry Joy V. Jimenez

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Unless CJ is chained to the hospital bed, she will still do at least the bride’s initial make up. For the worst-case scenario, a backup MUA will be sent together with the rest of the team. She will ensure that her team will be there to give the same quality as if she was present.

The agreement shall continue to be in full force until the service has been rendered. In the event of cancellation due to acts of God (Force Majeure), severe medical, natural or other emergencies that it may be necessary to obtain an alternative HMUA, CJ Jimenez team shall make every effort to secure a replacement artist within and outside the team.  Client and Make Up Artist shall then render new agreement. As long as our schedule is still available and we can find a replacement HMUA within our team, we will still accommodate you with NO re-booking fee. However, if such situation should occur and a suitable replacement is not found, responsibility and liability is limited to the return of only 50% of the down payment less the used cost (in example trial make up or prenup make up cost prior to the event).

As long as our schedule permits, we will still accommodate you with a minimal re-booking fee of P5K. This is to cover the lost opportunity cost of not accepting bookings on your original scheduled date. Other HMUAs and wedding suppliers forfeit the contract altogether and your down payment will be irrecoverable. However, if the schedule is no longer available, as per the contract, the down payment will be forfeited. We will be transparent with our schedule to assure you of our objectives and we will also recommend or help you find another HMUA to decrease, if not to totally eliminate, your worries.

Quality Assurance

To ensure quality of work, CJ Jimenez has a whole team with her during weddings and prenuptials. The team is composed of CJ as the main MUA, a hairstylist, an assistant (for makeup tools, runner etc), a driver, and additional assistant MUA/s and hairstylist/s, if needed. So don’t worry, you will be well taken cared of. 

Crew meals are not required but are not discouraged either. We, at least, request for a crew meal for 3 persons for prenup on location and on the wedding day. If you have a limited budget and cannot provide for additional crew meals, just let us know so we can bring our own food and we do not faint while servicing you.

Remember that we are at the preparation venue at least 5 hours before the ceremony time (or even earlier depending on your requirement). If we have 2nd look and unlimited retouch, based on experience, our total hours spent with you is at least 12-14 hours (1-2 hours- travel to preparation venue, 5 hours in preparation venue, 1 hour travel to ceremony and waiting at venue, 3 hours during ceremony and post pictorial, 1 hour to reception venue, 1 hour at the reception venue for clients refreshment, look change and another 2 hours to travel back home) So, crew meal for humane reason, is needed.

Be assured that we bring in the just right number of people to assure quality of our service to you. You don’t want to be looking for CJ, just because she is also the designated driver and she is still looking for parking while you are ready to walk down the aisle or you can’t check out from the room of the hotel because I am still cleaning up my tools. 

Yes. It’s P200 per head, per meal. For packages with no 3rd look and unlimited retouch, 1 meal per head is requested. 2 meals per head are requested for packages with 3rd look and unlimited retouch.

Prices are always a subjective issue. We strongly believe that prices are relative to portfolio, actual clients feedback, products used, trainings attended, and skills. We can definitely negotiate with you but please see our credentials and the feedback of our clients first before you do so. Remember to pay for what you think you deserve.

CJ Jimenez also maintains a studio that is open as early as 2AM (For very early and out of town prenup shoots) for the convenience of our clients. CJ Jimenez pays for business licenses, taxes and other government requirements so you are sure of the legality/legitimacy of our business and that we are not a ‘fly-by-night’ company. CJ Jimenez regularly attends high end and internationally accredited trainings to continuously hone her skills and her team’s. CJ Jimenez uses competitive and original products and tools to assure quality of our work and builds back up plans for the prenuptial and on-the-day events to provide incomparable service to you.

Prenuptial schedules are still on a first come first served basis but are planned not only with CJ but also with your photographers, videographers, stylist, and coordinators (if applicable) months before the shoot to avoid cramming and to ensure schedule availability. Schedules are encouraged to be done on weekdays too to ensure that not only CJ but also your photographer/videographers/ prenup stylist/coordinators are also available. Remember that the best suppliers are almost always fully booked during weekends for events. Most of the time too, it is best to shoot during weekdays especially in outdoor locations, i.e parks, beaches, even in studios, as there are fewer people who can make you feel uncomfortable during the shoot.

Once we’ve blocked the prenuptial trial make up schedule with you, we don’t accept bookings for that day or time. So, in case of cancellation, the same day or the day before, the trial make up is forfeited.

Yes, airbrush make up lasts for 12-18 hours. However, due to the demands in a photo shoot, where sometimes brides are asked to lie down, jump, etc., there’s a need for a retouch. There is also high probability that people will be kissing the couple in congratulations and unintentionally leave a lipstick stain on the bride or groom’s cheek. Even if you think your maid of honor, friend, bridesmaid can help you with the retouch, most of the time (and we had seen this many times) they are also “busy” with their own looks or other tasks and are not always with you throughout the day, especially during the pictorial after the ceremony, when most of your guests are on the way to the reception. Our team can assure you that you won’t need to worry about how you look as we will be with you the whole time.

Most of the brides are also wearing an up-do hairstyle to avoid the very busy/ “white lady” look during ceremony and would want a soft curl, hair down or sided during reception. This will also ensure you don’t have the same look in hundreds of your photos.

We only accept maximum of 2 bookings a day per team (CJ, Steph, Jones and Aya as main Make Up Artists) if one is in the afternoon and the other is in early morning. We also consider the events place proximity.

There are now 3 Main Make Up Artists in the team who does Bridal or Debutant’s Make up – CJ Jimenez (the Chief Make Up Artist and Owner), Steph Ching, Jones Julian and Aya Alagao (all Senior Make Up Artists). When CJ is already booked, the client will be given an option to book either Steph, Jones or Aya. Again, booking Jones, Aya or Steph will be prior to contract signing and with the knowledge and acceptance of the client. The rest of the team- hairstylists, assistants and additional MUAs- will also be composed of the same people within CJ Jimenez’ Hair and Make Up Artists Team. This means that the contract is still under CJ Jimenez and quality of work is guaranteed by CJ.

Prices of Senior Make Up Artists are a lower cost than CJ’s. CJ can also be the one to do the prenup make up if applicable as this is based on schedule availability. Prenup Make Up can be done by either Aya, Jones or Steph if the client requested it or if CJ is not available for the schedule and the client agreed with it.

Yes, but only in bridal fairs.  

For scheduled trial make up at our studio with Steph, Jones or  Aya, a reservation fee of 4k is required to schedule a slot or appointment. For scheduled trial make up at our studio with CJ, 5k payment is required.

Yes. Just like the bride, the groom is also a star on that day! However, we don’t use the term ‘makeup’ as most grooms are not comfortable with it. We offer “anti shine” or “oil free” look. If groom requests for it or if there is a need for concealing and full blown foundation, then we will also provide this.

Yes, of course.

To be honest, there is not much to change in the look of the groom unless he wants hair extensions or mascara on his lashes for his second look. Most of the time we just refresh the groom by retouching his “anti-shine” or “oil free look”

No, we focus on the bride and groom only. However, before the ceremony starts, we also check the look of those we’ve made up. If there’s a need to retouch, we do so. However, we use high end make up, and there is most of the time, no need for retouch (based on experience and feedback).

You may do so. The cost will be based on the Airbrush Make Up Individual package. You may ask for computation.

4 hours is more than enough to take pictures and videos if you hired professional photographers and videographers. This time is also the maximum time to guarantee that you still have the energy to smile and pose in your photos. Also, 4 hours excludes initial hair and makeup time, travel time and break time.

In case where there are excess hours spent, the charge is 1k per excess hour.

Yes, however, only the initial travel time is excluded from the 4-hour count. So if there would be multiple locations, the travel time from location 1 to 2 to 3 to etc will be counted and overtime charges apply.

Yes, we do!!  And it is on a promo rate. Please see Price List attachment for the details.

Our packages are only if the bride and groom are at the same preparation venue. If you have availed the package with second look and unlimited look change, we can do the grooming of the groom at the church prior to the ceremony.

CJ provides not only the hair and makeup on the day. As an image consultant, she gives you beauty tips, skin care regimen advice and other overall look advice. Happy clients have mentioned this in their feedback.



No, our airbrush packages are already in promo. You’ll get Airbrush Make Up Packages at the price of Traditional High Definition Make Up. This is to ensure the quality of our work, especially for our brides.

Pre-debut shoots are just like prenuptial shoots. The photos are used for AVPs, save the date invites,  and/or the actual invitation.

Our packages already include FREE hair accessories for the bride. 

Yes, it’s at 2k (minimum, depending on the hours, please inquire for more details).

We only use variety of products that are already tried, tested and guaranteed such as MAC, Nars, Tom Ford, Too Faced, Tarte, RCMA, RMK, Benefit, Make Up Forever, Bobby Brown, Urban Decay, Kryolan, Laura Mercier, Loreal, Inglot, Shu Uemura, Senna, Cinema Secrets, Benye, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Clinique, NTL, Temptu, Dinair, Graftobian, Shiseido, etc.

We also ensure hygienic application of make up by ensuring that our make up brushes are cleaned and sanitized every use.